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Completed Project Timesheet problem.

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Completed Project Timesheet problem.

Hi all,

How to prevent users from applying time against a closed project.  I know that we cannot add a closed project to your time sheet if it is closed, but if the project is already in our time sheet we can continue adding time. This would also apply to tasks that have been completed or Misc items that have been disabled.

We use PPM 9.14 .

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Re: Completed Project Timesheet problem.

You can use customized timesheet rule which will throw an error when as user try to submit the timesheet for closeed project or dissable misc items

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Re: Completed Project Timesheet problem.

You have a setting to control this in Project settings. Check the same under Cost anf Effort -> Time Management - >And set


After a task is complete, allow time to be logged:


  • Do not allow. Resources cannot add tasks that are complete to their timesheets. 


For disabled  Misc Items or Acitivties, I would suggest to take backup of Misc item validation and Activities table (in DB). After taking the backup delete the disable activies. On doing so users when user copy the old timesheet, these disbaled activires or misc item won't come up.


Utkarsh Mishra

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