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Cluster in 9.12 Cant start node

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Cluster in 9.12 Cant start node

We just deployed clustering in a new 9.12 environment. We have 1 node of 2 seperate machines. Based on the admin guide we were under the impression that we could start both nodes from one machine.


So if machine A has node 1 and machine b has node 2.


On machine A I can start node 1 and if i try to start node two using ./ -name PPM_2 it fails and same if i try to start node 1 from machine B.


Individually they both start fine and I can run ./' on either machine and report successfully.


Any ideas?

Jim Esler
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Re: Cluster in 9.12 Cant start node

You can stop any node from any machine. You can start a node only from the machine it runs on.

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Re: Cluster in 9.12 Cant start node

The best solution I've seen thus far is to write a quick script that takes in a machine name, and then SSH's to that machine and runs there.


So in the end you would have a script called 'start' that you can pass the name of the PPM server to, that will reach out to your other server and start it.


i.e., start


would go to ppmserver1 and start the application by running kStart on that machine.


If you're using Windows servers, you can setup a service for PPM, and either have PPM start when Windows starts (and just restart Windows when you need to restart PPM), or use some of the remote Windows management tools to remotely start/stop services without having to RDP to the server directly.


Hopefully that helps!