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Checklist or test scenarios related to ppm modules

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Checklist or test scenarios related to ppm modules



Anyone has comman test scenarios or checklist related to ppm modules? We are implementing upgrade project,

after upgrade we need to be sure that every module in ppm is working fine therefore we need some general test scenarios. 


If someone has these kind of document already, i will be appreciated if document is shared.




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Re: Checklist or test scenarios related to ppm modules

Hi Kerim,


PPM modules are already tested by HP on the supported plateform.


Main testing need to be done by Support or PPM deveopment team and need to check whether their entities and customizations are working fine in the upgraded version.


The test scenariors are completely specific to client configuration; so you need to create the scenarior according to the tasks that are performed by the end users. For example few of the test scenarios would be like...


  1. Testing all your request types and workflows are working properly
  2. All the Dashbaords and Reprots testing
  3. Security and access provision testing
  4. Need to check the data integrity i.e. data is not corrupted after the upgrade (for eg. in our case we have implemented Budget level security in version 7.1.. then on upgrading to 8.2 there were no securities on Financial summaries... they were not migrated.. so such secnarios need to be taken care)
  5. Module specific testing
  6. In the upgrade version the Data model is also changed... so you need to change your Database entities like function, procedures.. etc according to the new data model. Finally the testing of this is also required.

And many more...

Utkarsh Mishra

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