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Changing Security Grants on a report

Ryan Grobler
Super Contributor.

Changing Security Grants on a report

HI All

We've been upgraded to version 7.5 - but there are some security grants which stop us using the standard Time Sheet Summary report - you need to be someone's manager in order to see their time.

HP have given us a custom report which can pull through all the data; but the moment we use a filter (i.e seach by a certain project) it finds zero results.

How would I change this custom reports security settings as I've look in the workbench and can't see anything obvious I can change, i've already given everyone access to the report.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Semenov Alexand
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Changing Security Grants on a report

You need go to workbench--Configurations--Report types-select needed report.
Access to report depend on Requered license and allowed security grours from security tab.
Good Luck
Ryan Grobler
Super Contributor.

Re: Changing Security Grants on a report

Hi Semenov

I've set the security so all people can access it, but only some people get results.

I ran it and it returned person X did 5 hours on Project Y

When I reran the report and select Project Y as the filter I get no results.

I know there was a security glitch with v7.5 - but wanted to know if there is a away I can edit this.