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Change in Request Search results list

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Change in Request Search results list


The default setting of Search Requests results in Demand Management gives the table with the columns:
Req #
Request Type
Assigned To
Created By

Is there any way to change Description column to Proposal Name (It's not present even in the available columns to choose from...)? Where to find this configuration?
And is there a way to add or take away the search fields in the Search Requests option?

Thanks for help in advance,

Semenov Alexand
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Re: Change in Request Search results list

Hi Sviatlana
In search page after select requets type press button "Advanced Search". In this page go to "Choose Columns" tab and select any columns.

To change any columns in request go to workbensh. On tab "Denamnd Management" find you request in "Request header type" list.
For additional information see DemandCG.pdf
Good Luck
Cris Robin
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Re: Change in Request Search results list

Hello Svetlana

If you want to change the the default columns retern by the serch result.

Go into the workbench --> Request Types and open your request type.
In the display columns choose the columns that you want.

If the problem is that you do not see the column in the "choose columns" section, in the request type get into the field you want and choose the "Display on Search and Filter".

Hope it helps