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Change in Project Type

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Change in Project Type



The current system does not allow changes to Project Type once the Project is created from proposal. The requirement is to make the project type field editable in the Project until a specific Workflow step ie the user should be able to change the project type even after the project is created and based on the selected type, the corresponding workflow should be mapped to that project.
Please let us know if anyone has done this change in PPM? We would like to know if the system allows to change the project type and if there is any impact on project and Proposal side if the type is changed after project is created.  We came to know that if the type is changed then the project health, issue and risks associated with it will not be mapped to the new project type. We would also like to know if its advisable to proceed with this change as the customer does not require any customisation.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Change in Project Type

Hi Divya,


the Proposal -> Project -> Asset setup of Best Practices installation is a Lifecycle, meaning that each of the entities is part of the end-to-end setup. that in turn means that they share certain relationships. It is not advisable to change the project type in the middle of working on a project. At the proposal state, it should already have been decided what kind of project is needed. If in the middle of an already active project you meet the fact taht it's the wrong project type, you should cancel the existing one and create a new one of that type that you need.


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