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Change What Request Type is linked to a Menu Item

Kevin Abram
Trusted Contributor.

Change What Request Type is linked to a Menu Item



PPM 9.14


I need to change the Request Type associated with a particular Create menu item. Currently, If I select Create --> Project Issue, the out of the box request type is displayed. We have created custom request types we wish to use in lieu of the out of the box ones that are associated with these menu selections.


I have located what I believe to be the source xml file for this menu (PPM_HOME)/conf/menus and created a backup copy of the menu.xml file located there. I am currently looking at the location within this xml file where the change needs to be made for the Create Project Issue menu item.


<menu id="CREATE_PROJECT_ISSUE" key="enitity.projectissue" bundle="CoreResources">



i guess my question is what needs to be replaced within this code excerpt, to substitute a custom Request Type in lieu of _PROJECT_ISSUE?