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Change Proposal related to Staffing Profile


Change Proposal related to Staffing Profile



In our current proposal workflow the proposal goes through an execution that decides if it continues in the normal workflow or copies the request into a different request type which goes through a different workflow as well. The idea however is that this new request continues to be more or less the same request as before except it is now going through a different workflow and the request type itself is a different one.


The problem comes when, in the original request, the staffing profile is created and if it changes into the new request then the staffing profile is not transferred. The user does not want to make the same staffing profile twice.


We are able to set the status for the previous SP to "Approved" so as to disable it, so to speak. However we can't find a way to copy that same SP and update it to the new request. Is there a chance this can be done with a command?


There is also the option of somehow changing the reference of what request the SP is linked to, so as to "update" it to the new request. Is this possible at all? Would it it be able to be done with a special command or a direct update to the DB, and if so which tables would need to be affected and is it convenient?


Thank you all very much in advance!


EDIT: Our PPM version is 9.21

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Re: Change Proposal related to Staffing Profile



as per my knowledge, there is no command to copy the staffing profile. However, when a proposal is closed and the related project is created, PPM creates a copy of the staffing profiles. You may raise a request to HP Support to advise on this operation, but this is quite a long shot.


Another option (of course, not supported by HP) is to update the database links. I have never done it, but the relationship is made via the KCRT_FG_PFM_PROPOSAL. You should try to update the PROP_STAFF_PROF_ID column and see what happens (make sure you clear the cache after committing).


Do let us know if either of the above work.




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