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Capture User Approving Step

Marlene Mazzeo
Super Contributor.

Capture User Approving Step

Is there any way to capture the user(s) approving a step? I am using 8.0 SP1. Wondering if I could capture in a field using a rule on transition and the [SYS.USERNAME] token. Not sure if anyone has done this already? I would probably need some way to copy what exists in that field then add this additional name to it, since there could be multiple approvers. Any advice?
Surendra Poosar
Honored Contributor.

Re: Capture User Approving Step


You could use the following query to to capture the user who hs approved a paritcular step. You may need to modify a bit to suit you requirements.

select ku.user_id,
ku.username, kr.request_id , kws.step_name, kws.STEP_TYPE_CODE
from kcrt_requests kr ,
kwfl_step_transactions kst,
knta_users ku,
kwfl_workflow_steps kws,
kwfl_workflow_step_security kwss,
knta_user_security kus,
kwfl_resolved_sec_tokens krst,
knta_security_groups ksg
Where 1=1
and kst.top_instance_source_set_id = kr.request_id
and ku.user_id = kst.last_updated_by
and kst.workflow_step_id = kws.workflow_step_id
and kst.top_instance_source_type_code = 'IR'
and kus.user_id = ku.user_id
and ksg.security_group_id = kus.security_group_id
and krst.source_id = kr.request_id
and krst.workflow_step_security_id = kwss.workflow_step_security_id
and krst.security_group_id = kus.security_group_id
and kws.step_name =
and kr.request_id =