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Cannot upload new schedule into PPM

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Cannot upload new schedule into PPM

I'm attempting to upload a schedule into a project container on our account's test instance of PPM.  The project container is created and the schedule is ready to upload.  When I attempt to Send Workplan to PPM Center, I select the project container and the dialog box displays "Retrieving project parameters", and then just stops.  The error message in msg.log (see full version attached) shows this error message at the point it is attempting the upload:

2012-02-03 14:26:53,582 [VSTA_Main] ERROR Exception caught in exportButton_Click:
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A03EC): An unexpected error occurred with the method.
   at Microsoft.Office.Interop.MSProject.Task.SetField(PjField FieldID, String Value)
   at com.hp.ppm.msp.mspdoc.MSPUtils.setProjectLink(Project Proj, String Value) in n:\Kintana\910_patches\SourceCode\mspIntegration\MSPdotNet\PPM_MSP_Plugin_Common\mspdoc\MSPUtils.cs:line 153
   at com.hp.ppm.msp.mspdoc.MSPUtils.PersistOptions(Project Project, ControlModes ControlMode, PjField TaskLink, PjField ResourceLink, Int32 AssignmentLink, String projectId) in n:\Kintana\910_patches\SourceCode\mspIntegration\MSPdotNet\PPM_MSP_Plugin_Common\mspdoc\MSPUtils.cs:line 1267
   at com.hp.ppm.msp.mspdoc.OptionGetter.parseOptionResponse(String Response, Project proj, Boolean checkControlModeChange) in n:\Kintana\910_patches\SourceCode\mspIntegration\MSPdotNet\PPM_MSP_Plugin_Common\mspdoc\OptionGetter.cs:line 333
   at com.hp.ppm.msp.mspdoc.OptionGetter.getOptions(String projectId, Project proj, Boolean checkControlModeChange) in n:\Kintana\910_patches\SourceCode\mspIntegration\MSPdotNet\PPM_MSP_Plugin_Common\mspdoc\OptionGetter.cs:line 109
   at com.hp.ppm.msp.mspdoc.Export.exportProject(Project proj, String ppmProjectId, Boolean includeActuals) in n:\Kintana\910_patches\SourceCode\mspIntegration\MSPdotNet\PPM_MSP_Plugin_Common\mspdoc\Export.cs:line 149
   at com.hp.ppm.msp.mspdoc.Export.export(Project proj) in n:\Kintana\910_patches\SourceCode\mspIntegration\MSPdotNet\PPM_MSP_Plugin_Common\mspdoc\Export.cs:line 99
   at Ctrl, Boolean& CancelDefault) in n:\Kintana\910_patches\SourceCode\mspIntegration\MSPdotNet\PPM_MSP_Plugin_Common\ui\MSPMenuCustomizer.cs:line 663


Similar error message appears if I try to download another project's workplan from PPM.  Unknown if this is a PPM issue, an MSP issue, or if there's some other setting issue occurring.  Any help you can provide would be appreciated!

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Re: Cannot upload new schedule into PPM

Have you tried uploading an empty MSP or one with 1-2 tasks only? Same behavior?

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Re: Cannot upload new schedule into PPM

Hi Melissa,


I spent quite some time checking the net for the error and went through tons of data concerning Office apps. I would under normal circumstances point at MSP because there are so many Office Apps mentioned at multi-boards, but I'M simply not sure. If I were you (and since it seems that you escalated this thread) I WOULD open two: with Microsoft and with PPM Support. Provide a step-by-step with screenshots of what you are doing, include the project settings for the integration screeenshots, include the mppf-file.

I also found the following where I don't know if it will help either of the support teams:


AutomationException: 0x800a03ec - An unexpected error occurred with the method



  2. CAUSE


When accessing Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 (11.0.2003.0816.15) from a Java client which invokes the getValue() method of TimeScaleValue object for several times, you may get AutomationException: 0x800a03ec - An unexpected error occurred with the method.


This is a bug in Microsoft Project which prevents holding references to a certain number of TimeScaleValue objects, and you will get the same 0x800a03ec error in C# or VB.NET client when retrieving the Value property of TimeScaleValue object in a loop which iterates more than 10 times. The garbage collector of .NET or Java is not clearing up the references fast enough.


To workaround this problem, wrap your code using trackObjectsInCurrentThread/releaseAllInCurrentThread and place a call to release(...) at the end of the loop to force garbage collection. For example:

  for (int iSlice = 1; iSlice <= nSlices; iSlice++) {
    TimeScaleValue tsv = new TimeScaleValueProxy(tim.getItem(iSlice));

    // your code:




I hope this helps you. If after receiving a solution you'd have the time to send a short message either to the thread or directly to me to let me know what it was, I could write a knowledge-doc and be extremely appreciative.


Have a great day and success!


Best regards,


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event