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Cannot get project added to my timesheet

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Cannot get project added to my timesheet

Trying to add a project to our timesheet.  User B created two projects (PFM - Project type) but for some reason I cannot add them to my timesheet.  I can search in the Project module and find the project, but I cannot search or find it when in my timesheet in the time management module.


The first project has a staffing profile associated with it.  We normally do not use staffing profiles when setting up projects, so I thought this was part of the problem, and had User B create a second project without a staffing profile.  I cannot get either on my timesheet.

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Re: Cannot get project added to my timesheet

Hi Greg,


are the project and the summary task of the workplan active?


Best regards,


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Re: Cannot get project added to my timesheet

Hi Greg,


Could you please check and set (if require) below settings in Cost and Effort in project settings:

  • Resource Load Settings > Work plan task assignments represent the work load imposed by the project SELECTED
  • Time Management > Use Time Management to track actuals against this project SELECTED
  • Time Management > Project level SELECTED
  • Time Management > Project resources OR Assigned resources SELECTED

After then, please remember that the project's workplan must be active.


    In addition to that please check access grants of the resources to be able to see projects.

Please inform us for developments. If above suggestions not work, please send us project settings, access grants screen shots.


PS: Please keep alive our forum via kudos the professionals


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Re: Cannot get project added to my timesheet

The workplan was not active/Ready. Fixed - Thanks!
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event