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Can the size of attachments be limited?

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Jim Esler
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Can the size of attachments be limited?

Is it possible to limit the size of files that users can attach to requests? I see an enhancement request, QCCR1L27562, for this but it was closed a couple of years ago with no explanation. I assume, therefore, that this is not a supported capability but I would be interested in any ideas on how to control file space usage.

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Re: Can the size of attachments be limited?

Hi Jim,


you are right, the ER has been closed with no plans to change.


I keep on finding the following in the knowledgebase, which limits the size of single attachments somehow, but I don't think that this will help you - it is just SOME information.


Is there a limitation on the size of each file attachment in PPM?
The attachment size limit is based on the lower of
a. (0.5 GB)
b. (SERVER_MAX_HEAP_SIZE - 100mb - (actual memory usage))

Note: The upload maximum size can vary on each PPM instance. Attach a very large file to a Request and an error message will display stating the size limit. Example: Error: The file you are trying to attach is larger than 225.078MB and cannot be uploaded. (KCRT-40203)


If I were you, I'd raise a new ER with the below Q&A and submit it for review.

1) Please provide a short problem statement:

2) When does the situation occur? Please describe an actual scenario from the customer's current environment.

3) How is the situation currently handled or resolved? What work around is used today?

4) What is unsatisfactory about the current situation and why?

5) What is the required functionality to meet that will enable the described scenario?


Sorry that I don't have a better answer.

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Jim Esler
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Re: Can the size of attachments be limited?

The Release Notes indicate that a change in 9.13 allows attachment size to be limited. The parameter is

MAX_WEB_ ATTACHMENT_SIZE_IN_MB. The description of this parameter states, "Specifies maximum attachment size (in MB) for files uploaded using PPM Center web interface. Attachments size is capped at 2 GB."


What is meant by "...PPM Center web interface"? Does this include the normal dashboard page that displays a request or is it a reference to Web Services functions?



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Re: Can the size of attachments be limited?

Hi Jim,


"PPM Center web interface" simply means that the workbench might not be impacted by this size limit parameter. But if a user try to attach the document on the request details web page (or any other PPM page viewed in an internet browser), then the limitation will be effective.


Note that if any Web Service allows to add file attachments, they will not be impacted by this parameter.


Note that the size limitation based on heap memory described by Dirk has been removed since PPM 9.13, when we introduced this parameter to make it more flexible. And despite what the description from Dirk could imply, there is absolutely no impact on heap memory consumption when large files are uploaded. PPM do NOT load the whole uploaded file into memory, it streams it straight to disk as it's uploaded, and then process it from there in a memory savvy way.



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Jim Esler
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Re: Can the size of attachments be limited?

Thank you. This is the feature I was looking for.