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Can't update status project when the time sheet was approved


Can't update status project when the time sheet was approved

I have a problem when they integrated Time and Project modules, my stage is the following:

1. It is has configured the project for usage of Time Mgm module with Project Mgm module with the options: cost and effort "Use Time Management to track actuals against this project"
2. I have a work plan only with two activities of test assigned each one of the resources (abel.jaimes = resource1 and project.manager= resource2)
3. It is has configured the project with status "Active" in this moment the first resource on your dashborad have one portlet "My task" where appears activity assigned ("T1"), the resource assigned complete the task completing value of %, timesheet, and date start & end, the resource (abel.jaimes) has done click on botton "Save" and the task disappears of the portlet..
4. The Approver has received the time sheet by the first resource (abel.jaimes) on the section "Time Approval" and user Project Manager approve the time sheet, then it expected in this moment the project status change in terms of the % completation the project, situation that no happen.

I attempt to syncronize the time vs project using the query:


Project_id is my ID of the project (30320):  


SELECT project_id, work_plan_id, work_plan_name FROM pm_work_plans
WHERE project_id = 30320 AND is_active_flag = 'Y' AND entity_type = 'WORK_PLAN'


UPDATE pm_work_plans SET source = 'NEEDS_TM_SYNC' WHERE project_id = 30320;


Best regard


I hope you help me


Abel Jaimes