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Can't open browser from workbench

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Can't open browser from workbench

Can anyone tell me how to open the Internet Explorer browser from the workbench? It gives me error when I try to open workbench as standalone (without browser) but opens when I open workbench by logging-in from browser. This is frustrating, as I have to close the workbench everytime then login to ppm from broswer and redo the whole thing.

I am trying to open the log files for packages from the workbench to see the errors. Is it a bug or I am missing something. Does anyone know?


Darshan Bavisi
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Re: Can't open browser from workbench


It may be due to if the default browser is not specified in the workbench. If that's the problem, then in the workbench you can go to the top menu, then click on 'Edit' and then 'User Profiles' menu item. In that specify the IE path installed on your machine in the 'General' tab. That's all will be required and all should be set. It should then open the new browser window automatically when you want to view the logs you mentioned. Let know if it still does not work or if there's some other issue with the same.