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Can't find attached files

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Marc Canovas
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Can't find attached files



I'm working on a 9.14 HP-PPM Installation (not-clustered) and I have an issue with uploaded files.

We have our ATTACHMENT_DIR (in your case, /opt/ppm/attachments) which seems to be the folder where HP-PPM saves the attached files. But when we navigate to this folder, it is empty. I don't know if it's a problem concerning write permissions trough navigator, or there is a problem with the FTP server (don't know if it works with FTP).


Could someone help me with this issue?





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Re: Can't find attached files

Hi Marc,


ATTACHMENT_DIRNAME specifies the absolute pathname of the directory where attached documents are to be stored. This
directory must give read/write access to Web browsers and, if the system includes an external Web server, exist outside the directory tree.


Also check the below parameter in server.conf.. Check the attachements in the directory specified at below link...






Mohit Agrawal

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Re: Can't find attached files

Hello Marc,


This could be either permissions or a wrong setting in the parameter


On a Windows system, you must use the UNC format. You cannot use the local

shared drive letter. Use forward slashes.





To enable a node to share these directories, you must start the PPM Windows

services using the PPM Center user account that has read and write permission

on the shared host.


On a UNIX system, you must NFS-mount the shared directories locally with the

same directory structure.



Also check in the serverLog.txt for any error when doing the attachments.



Oscar P

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Re: Can't find attached files

Hi Marc,


In 9.14, the folder to which attachments are saved is not necessarily the one defined in ATTACHMENT_DIRNAME.


If you want to know where your attachment files are saved, the easiest solution whenever using PPM 9.13 or later is to open Administration Console and click on the "DMS Configuration" menu.


Here, you will see where the files are actually saved.


Note that you should NOT directly modify the folder path from this screen without copying all the files to the new folder first, and this should be done while no user is using the system (otherwise you might miss some file very recently added).

In case it's not acceptable to prevent users from using the system, a safe way to change the folder is to use DMS "Migration" option. Just migrate to "File System" option again, but with the new folder value. PPM will copy automatically all the attachments to the new folder without any impact for PPM users, and without missing any file even if they are added to PPM during the migration process.


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