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Can a file be attach to a report?

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Can a file be attach to a report?


Can a file be attached to a report? So the report can read that file and process it? Right now, we place the file in a directory and with a script we import it into the PPM DB. But, can we supress somehow the need of the directory? That way we will do everything from PPM.
Thank you very much in advance.
Daryl Morgans
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Re: Can a file be attach to a report?


I don't believe attachment validation is available to the a report type field. Are you looking for a report that is scheduled to run every night or is it invoked by a user? If a user is running the report you could create a simple request type with an attachment field and have them create that type of request to upload the file. From that point you just write a validation that looks up the that request type.