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Call Script in object type.....

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Call Script in object type.....

Hi All,


My requirment is to call script in object type.

Below I am mentioning my requirment.


Source server : ABC

Folder: \\folder

User: user name.


Action : Call script rms_deploy.kshfrom source server.


Parameter to script:


source environment ( BUILD,this is a fixed value)

Target environment (DEV, This is fixed value)

Build ID (optional) (this is a variable and should be entered at the time of execution)


Script rms_deploy.ksh


1) download the code from clear case for the build ID supplied to script as an argument.

     If build ID is empty then get the most recent version.


2) copy the code from source directory to target directory .


3) change the configuration file in the target folder.


Note : this scenario will onle be used when something is not working in SIT environment and you want to get cpde from build to DEV to debug and investigate.


Please have a look on this and appericate quick responce.


Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Dimri


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Re: Call Script in object type.....

This is what deployment management is ment for...


Refer any Reference object type or Command_token & Deployment mgmt guide... you will get your answer.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Call Script in object type.....

I am aware of this thing but the problem is that I am new in PPM and client giving me this type of requirment.

So can you please give me some idea how to pass parameter to called script in object type.

I will give KUDOS for this!!!!!!!!
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Re: Call Script in object type.....

HI All,


Can any PPM expert help to understanding the requirment.


KUDOS will be given for good solution.!!!!!!!!!


Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Call Script in object type.....

Hi Rahul,


I believe you have your script "rms_deploy.ksh " fully ready and this script can accept the parameter you would want to pass on.


When invoking this script file from Object Type's command file, you have to pass the parameter (Hardcoded or Token or Parameters).


Best way of getting to understand thsi is to refer an existing (OOTB) Object type and it's commands.

Hope this helps.





Warm Regards,
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Re: Call Script in object type.....

As mentioned earlier, I would check the PPM pdf manuals.  The commands and tokens validations etc.   High level this is how we run unix scripts


You will have a workflow step called 'Deploy to PROD'

In the object commands tab, create a command

set the condition to the name of the workflow step  and any other tokens as necessary

in the steps enter something like



pwd (if you want) or cd if needed

./rms_deploy.ksh [P.tokenyouwanttopass]   [PKGL.PACKAGE_LINE_ID]   etc   click the tokens button at the bottom and you can lookup standard tokens, or enter your custom token

OR if you need to pass responses or run as a different user

ksc_simple_respond "sudo user" "$" "echo $"


ksc_comment <b>If you need to echo something add the following<b>

cat logfile.log