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Calculations in the HP Project Plan

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Abdullah Rafiq
Respected Contributor.

Calculations in the HP Project Plan

Hello Everyone,

We are importing Microsoft Project Plans into HP PPM for reporting. I noticed that the Percent Complete for the Project in HP PPM is different than Microsoft Project after it has been uploaded from Microsoft Project. So this brings me to my questions:
1) Does anyone know how the Percent Complete is calculated in HP PPM?
2) How does PPM calculate Critical Path for its projects?
3) How is late Estimated Finish calculated?

I was not able to find this information in the product documentation.

Thanks for any help in advance!
Erik Cole
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Re: Calculations in the HP Project Plan

Hey Abdullah,

I can help with #1: It's different for summary tasks and bottom-level tasks.

Task % Complete for summary tasks (and the project itself) is based on the Scheduled Duration, not the Scheduled Effort.

The formula is:

sum(task % complete * task scheduled duration converted to hrs) / sum(task scheduled duration converted to hrs)

This is also how MS Project's % Complete field is calculated, although MSP also has a % Work Complete field that is based on the scheduled & actual effort completed (not Duration). PPM does not have this field, but that is the calculation that is used for the bottom-level tasks. the project and summary task levels be aware that the % Complete is not directly reflective of the amount of effort completed. Inasmuch as your tasks' scheduled duration (converted to hrs) differs from their scheduled effort, there will be an "error" in % complete.
Jorge Sosa Hern
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Re: Calculations in the HP Project Plan

Hello Abdullah,

I'm also seeing preety much the same thing. I noticed that what is really been published from MSP to PPM is the % work complete which by default is a column that may not be visible in MSP. I'm trying to figure it out how to publish the % complete which is indeed what PM's at my company want to let management know. I wonder if there is a setting where you could instruct PPM which value to take.

Jorge Sosa
Abdullah Rafiq
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Re: Calculations in the HP Project Plan

Hi Jorge,

I too am trying to figure out if we can import additional fields from MSP into PPM in addition to the base set of fields that are mapped to PPM. I will let you know if I come across anything.
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Re: Calculations in the HP Project Plan

Also you can use % Complete from WF. See instruction in Attachment