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Calculating hours in saffing profile

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Calculating hours in saffing profile

In Staffing profile hours are listed in a table. X coordination is weeks, Y coordination is titles. I am sending screen shot to PPM attachments.
Entries to staffing progile are recorded at RSC_positions table. Hours to that lines are recorded at ITG_COMPRESSED_ELEMENTS table.


I created the query to list hours entered to a staffing profile.
But I coud not manage to understand the calculation of total hour entered to a title for a week.

I am sending excel results and screen shot to ppm attachments.

Can you help me to understan how to calculate total hours.

Erik Cole
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Re: Calculating hours in saffing profile

If you are 8.0 or newer, ITG_COMPRESSED_ELEMENTS has been replaced by RSC_POSITION_FORECAST which is decompressed.


If you need to decompress ITG_COMPRESSED_ELEMENTS, have a look at this thread:


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Re: Calculating hours in saffing profile

I build the query but I could not find the relation of hours with week cells.


select ICE.owner_ID,pos.position_name, ICE.owner_type, sum( ICE.repeats_count * ICE.value) as total_hours  from
ppmasya_usr.RSC_positions pos

group by ICE.owner_ID, pos.position_name, ICE.owner_type


Could you provide any solution?