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Bulk export of Work Plans

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Bulk export of Work Plans

Would like to know if anyone knows a way to export multiple, or all, work plans.  We can export one at a time from within workplan, but are looking for a way to expor them in batch mode.  Surprisingly I don't see a "Work Plan" report out of the box.  I am looking for  way to do this with little or no coding or development.  The data doesn't have to be pretty; a raw dump into a spreadsheet is fine.


We are running PPMC 8.0








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Re: Bulk export of Work Plans

Hi Bob,


Don't see anything OOTB...


including root- and subtasks?

WithOUT, you can export pm_work_plans table according to data model guide.

WITH, you will have to create a query using in addition the pm_tasks-table.

Both contain the work_plan_id you can then order by.


No work, no fun - you'll to create at least that query... ;-)


Attached you'll find the data model guide for version 8.

Hope this helps.


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