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Bug in KNTA_USERS_INT import

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Bug in KNTA_USERS_INT import

I think I found a quite annoying bug in the KNTA_USERS_INT import mechanism. I'm using PPM 9.2.


The documentation clearly states about the password column


Specifies the password for the
If left blank, the value is set to the
password of the user currently
running the report.


1. It's NOT the password of the "user currently running the report" but the password the user specified on the import form.

2. It's even set to the specified password when NOT left blank.


This renders modifying users (adding scurity groups for example) useless, as


1. all the users will lose their password

2. all the passwords will be the same


Jim Esler
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Re: Bug in KNTA_USERS_INT import

We ran into this several years ago and Mercury support gave us directions for a workaround. Basically, we made a copy of the standard report and added commands to capture the user's current password before the changes are applied and restoring it after the changes are complete. Maybe HP support can provide similar directions for the product today.