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Blog Post for the Next Version of PPM

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Blog Post for the Next Version of PPM

The next version of PPM is due for release soon. A blog post from a partner that was able to do some beta testing shares thoughts on the updates here

Note: The area for PPM blog posts has changed to the "All About the Apps" blog area.

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Re: Blog Post for the Next Version of PPM


Thank you for sharing this link. We hope this next version will fix lots of problems regarding :

  • Quick View Page : impossible to create/move a milestone. On a scheduling page.
  • Table Component : impossible to change default view restricted to 5 lines. On every request, our PPM users must change the view to "All" because of this stupid limitation.
  • Autocomplete validation with Hierarchical list option : impossible to use Tokens + Bind Variable option
  • Impossible to search easily a request via its description on PPMs search bar. (I've developped a custom solution to fix that)
  • Portlet Project Gantt : when you restrict view with dates, display issues appears (wrong sort order)
  • Wrong week numbers (PPM didn't take care of calendar rules everywhere, so all project gantt pages are wrong here in france (Monday is the first day of week)

Theses issues are still here in 9.32.0003, and my enhancement requests about theses issues are all "delayed". Nice for a professionnal tool.




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Re: Blog Post for the Next Version of PPM

Just to get more information. Which PPM version are you using?

Starting from PPM 9.20, PPM does not have view all for table component.

At least staring from 9.12, PPM can remember page count for every table component field for every request type. I am not sure whether it can remember "view all", but if you change page count to a big number, PPM can remember the setting.

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Re: Blog Post for the Next Version of PPM


Thank you for your answer.

  • Like I said, we use PPM 9.32.0003 (latest release).
  • PPM didn't memorize the information stored in the "Show xx Each page". If you set Show 80 each page, then log of / log in / display the same request, the value will be 5 again. See attached screenshot.
  • This is really annoying. If the table component has more than 5 records, the user will certainly miss important information.

I've raised the issue via an Enhancement Request, but it was unsuccessful.

I've ever tried to find a customized way as a workaround to this stupid limitation, and it was unsuccessful (side effects).