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Best practices for managing resource pools

Ruth Dodson
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Best practices for managing resource pools

I'm just wondering some of the pros and cons for managing resource pools as organizations re-organize:

1. Are there negative implications to renaming a resource pool? Is it better to rename a resource pool or just disable it and create a new one?
2. If a person moves from RP to another, should you leave the past RP associated with that resource or delete it to clean it up?
3. Are there best practice recommendations for outstanding resource requests if a resource pool is being eliminated?

Ruth Dodson
University of MN
Mahen M
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Re: Best practices for managing resource pools

1. To my knowledge, all the transactions happens through ID not through Name, so it is OK to rename the resource pool. If you disable it, it has implications in the SP Positions which use the disabled RP.

2. I suggest you manage the resource movement in 'Manage Pool Capacity' of RP and 'Manage Participation' in Resource page. Suppose if you want to find to which RP this user is assigned some 6 months before, You can find this setting useful.

3. I dont understand what do you mean in point no. 3

Mahendran M
Ruth Dodson
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Re: Best practices for managing resource pools

Thanks for the input! For clarification:

1. What if the RP is now obsolete totally (not just a name change) and resources from this pool were recently committed? Does the pool need to stay around until those commits are complete?

3. By this I mean, are there any pros or cons (from a business perspective or a tool perspective) between forwarding the requests to a new pool or rejecting the requests and having the requestor re-request them from the new pool?

Thank you!