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Best Way to Migrate Latest Code

Tommy Honahan
Super Collector

Best Way to Migrate Latest Code

Hello All,

I'm looking for the best solution to migrate Baseline Code + Defect Fixes to a new environment. For Example, lets say I have:

A.sql version 1
B.sql version 1

Both files were migrated to the Test_1 environment. Both these files had defects, so version 2 of these files was later migrated.

Now I want to migrate the latest and greatest code to the new Test_2 environment. Given I only have 2 files, this is no big deal - but in the real life scenario, there is 500 objects all at different versions. Rather then having the developers re-create all their packages with the latest version of the objects, is their an automated solution that basically pulls the latest version of all the files from Test_1 and creates a mass migration package to be migrated to Test_2?

Right now, the only solution I can think of is re-migrating all the packages which went into Test_1 in the exact same order, including defect fix packages when Test_2 is first created.

But I do not like this approach as I would be migrating broken code into the environment, and then migrating on top of it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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