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Batch generation & export of portfolio bubble chart

Łukasz Czech

Batch generation & export of portfolio bubble chart


I would like to export Portfolio bubble chart to another system. The problem I face is that this bubble chart (randomly named .png file) is generated only after I log-in and display this specific dashboard.
Is there a way to batch generate this chart e.g. once a day to (optional) specific filename?

Thank you and best regards
Lukasz Czech
Sascha Mohr
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Batch generation & export of portfolio bubble chart

Until the new add-on report engine is available from HP ("Starfish" aka Business Objects) you will probably need an external tool. A PPM report generated on a regular schedule would be what you need, but the ootb reports don't include graphics.
You could:
- implement a jsp report for PPM that does have such a graphic with some java programming
- use a third party report engine like JasperReports or BIRT
- have the base data for the chart be exported regularly and then do some kung-fu in Excel (I think Excel knows this chart type too).
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event