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Background Services Issue

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Akif Saburi
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Background Services Issue

We have two PPM instances (9.14 & 9.20)  hosted on the same database.  Each instances has its own PPM & RML schema.  We are constantly facing issues wherein the Background services in any one of the instance or both stucks and fails to run at the next scheduled run.


From server point both instances has seperate servers, nodes etc.. Only Database is shared.  We are using same ports for both the instance.  Am not sure if it causing the issue.


Anybody faced this situation in shared database scenario?

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Re: Background Services Issue

If the 2 PPM instances are on different machine (with same ports) and have common DB then there is no issue.


Check the service node logs, for the service issue.


Secondly try to change the services timing and make sure there is enough gap beetwen the repetition (getting executed again).

Utkarsh Mishra

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Jim Esler
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Re: Background Services Issue

Make sure the two instances are using different multicast ports or that the network is configured such that they cannot receive each other's multicast messages. The Installation and Administration Guide describes the configuration process for supporting multicast. Multicast is a consideration only of both instances runs with more than one node.