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BO license which comes with PPM

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BO license which comes with PPM

Hi friends, 


I have a question about BO license which come with PPM:


The question is pure licensing of the 3rd party BO license we give customer together with PPM. Customer has PPM and uses the Business Object OOB reports for PPM. 

They want to know if with the current BO license they can create their own reports for applications different from PPM and what are the limitation from licensing perspective of the embedded BO license they receive as part of the PPM license.


Do you have any idea about this ?


Thank you so much for your time.


Best Regards,





Jason Nichols K
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Re: BO license which comes with PPM

If I interpret this snippet from the licensing document, then no, you cannot use the BO that comes with PPM for any other tools or applications:



Proprietary components developed by Business Objects (formerly Crystal Decisions, Inc.) This software is governed by the following license terms:

1. OEM PRODUCT ACCESS. The license granted is qualified, in that your licensed copy of the Software may only be used with the third-party (OEM) product with which it was provided. Accessing data that is not created by, or used by, the third-party (OEM) product is in violation of this license agreement.

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Re: BO license which comes with PPM

Thank you so much for your answer Jason. That would help me out.


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