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Automating the first Execution step

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Automating the first Execution step

 I have a certain requirement where... When a new user is added into PPM I want a particular request to be created (wrt that user) to do some work. for example it could be as simple as induction process or handing over to the training department for further process. How can this be done? The problem gets tougher if you consider the user might be added by interfacing systems also. ....



  1. User added into PPM
  2. HR gets notification and request to start induction
  3. Users skills are update by this workflow
  4. user is eligible to join the rest of organization now
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Re: Automating the first Execution step

Strange that I have not received any respose.


Does this mean there is no one particular solution for this issue?

Should I try to utilize webservice and get this done by custome code of my own?

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Re: Automating the first Execution step

Hi Suhashk,


I have a strange solution for you :smileyvery-happy:


There is a workflow which is when started for the first time it's always run until you click close button. The first step of workflow has a timeout. Timeout timing for exemple could be 10 minute. When timeout become true, the workflow timeout transition run and come to the an execution. The execution can call a db function or run select query to check if there is a new user be definied. If it is definied, get user_id and send notification. Then the execution return to the the first step of workflow.


In this solution you have to have a simple request type (and header of course), a workflow; 1 decision step (the first step), 1 execution step (the execution step), 1 close success step. a SQL/db funtion; to check new user existence and get new user_id, 1 notification mail.


Please have a look to enclosed picture for workflow.


Is it helpful ?






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Re: Automating the first Execution step



You can create a Trigger on INSERT event of KNTA_USERS table. In that you can call KCRT_REQUEST_UTIL for creating a request with desired details.


Finally in you wrkflow you can implement you requirements.



Utkarsh Mishra

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