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Automaticly submit timesheets

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Automaticly submit timesheets


Is there any way to send timesheet to aproval (submit) automaticly for the timesheets which is created two weeks before.


If so, what can I do for the timesheets who have lower than 40 hours (global timesheet policy)?

Can the time sheets sent to approval and than can be approved

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Re: Automaticly submit timesheets

Hi Riznad,


timesheets that don't comply with the policy can't be submitted for exactly that reason. thus if you have a global policy that a timesheet must have at least 40h per week committed to it, it cannot be submitted with less.

You can automate the approval for timesheets upon submittal, but only directly and not planned on a certain date or timelag based on the time sheet period, as far as I'm aware.


Best regards,


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