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Automatically create request

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Automatically create request



I want to check a field in a request then I want to create another type request automatically.


I found the ksc_copy_request commad. But, It needs Request ID, Request type ID, Workflow ID... I can find request type ID and worflow ID but since it will be created from zero. I dont have Request ID. 


Does the Copy request command works without Request ID?


And is there another way to create a request from another request automatically?




Jim Esler
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Re: Automatically create request

The request id that is entered is the id for the request you are copying. Fields with common definitions in this request and the one being created will be copied. Normally, the FROM_REQUEST_ID field would be set to the id of the request running the command, [REQ.REQUEST_ID]. I have never tried specifying any other request id but it could be useful.