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Automatic creation of requests 2

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Automatic creation of requests 2



I"m looking for a solution to my problem.I have read through the forum for a similar post and I can see one,but that particular thread does not answer my question.


My problem is : i have a request type A that spawns a new request type B.At the close of request type A , users are required to fill in  what category of request type B they want to create( a choice of three request types).I know there is a request step that comes standard but the problem with this step is that is a manual step and my requirement is that from request type A,the request should create the relevant request type B automatically.


What i'm asking is how to create a custom command to do this.I just need the code for the same.I have played around but nothing seems to work.i'm running on 9.12.



Jim Esler
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Re: Automatic creation of requests 2

You can use the special command ksc_copy_request to create the child request. It is documented in the Commands, Tokens, and Validations Guide and Reference.

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Re: Automatic creation of requests 2

You could also use a Demand Web Service to create requests. 

From your workflow step you could executre a command that would inititate a web service - there you could specify any parameter you want (Request Type for example).


To use web services you need to have Java or .NET skills though.