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Automatic PPM Request creation

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jon tcps
Frequent Contributor.

Automatic PPM Request creation

We are looking to build a scenario where certain job function will extract information every interval of time from several systems and then send it to a couple of custom tables within a single DB. From there PPM will explode the data and will automatically create PPM requests as the registers are added to one of the custom tables.

What is the best approach to fulfill the automatic PPM request creation?.

It's a good idea to create those custom tables inside the PPM DB and then use another trigger or job function within PPM DB to create requests? (all of this information is suposed to become useful request data)

Do you have any suggestions for us to start looking up as guidance to fulfill this request?.

Any help will be appreciated.
Andrea Loi
Super Contributor.

Re: Automatic PPM Request creation

Solution A: using Open Interface

1. Fill the Open Interface tables for Requests (see Open Interface Guide and Reference).

2. Start the import. You find the PPM code by analyzing the report "Import Requests" in the Administrative Report Category.
in PPM 7.1 I had to execute the package "KCRT_REQUEST_INT.RUN_INTERFACE".

3. Flush cache (check if you need it as you are creating new requests)

Solution B: using Web Services

In this case you need an environment to run webservices (java, or .NET or ...). See Web Services Programmerâ s Guide. But I never experienced it.

Have a good day

jon tcps
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Re: Automatic PPM Request creation

Hi again Andrea.

I think WebServices is more oriented to integrations with external systems, besides it need more effort to get it done.

I'll follow the option A (Open Interface) to create the requests and then keep updating each one of them by an oracle procedure (including the flushing). The procedure will be executed via workflow step, letting a parallel step that will be looping every 24 hours. This loop will execute the procedure.

I only have one more doubt. There's any way to automatize the run of Request Import Report?

I'll appreciate your comments.
Kalin Petrov
Respected Contributor.

Re: Automatic PPM Request creation

Hi Jon,

To schedule a report execution - just go to "Create Report" and you will be given the choice to "Run Immediately" or "Schedule" the execution - it's an OOTB functionallity.