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Automate manual TM PM Sync


Automate manual TM PM Sync

We are currently running 8.04. We have been having issues with TM PM Sync.


The solutions suggested was to flag projects which needed sync in database with an update query and then run the sync tool with bin\


Is there anyway to automate this and run periodically.




Erik Cole
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Re: Automate manual TM PM Sync

Yeah, we're on 9.14.0005 and still I run this manually every now-and-then. HP, is there a reason this isn't fixed already? The support guys I've chatted with don't give real clear answers about what's wrong and why we need to run a "fix" script...

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Re: Automate manual TM PM Sync

General question- not sure if it's related to this TM PM Sync service or not, but we've recently seen issues with projects using shared MS Project/PPM for workplans, where changes made to tasks from MS Project workplans aren't immediately reflected when viewing the workplan in PPM.  Could this be at all related to the TM PM Sync service or possibly this same issue?


According to the docs this service applies to timesheets, which we aren't using - but hoping someone can clarify.