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Automate creation of Staffing profiles

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Automate creation of Staffing profiles

Hello Friends,


We have a requirement to automatically create a blank staffing profile once a  project is created. Not sure if we have any special commands to do that.


Thank you!



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Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles

Also, do we have web services to create/update staffing profile and its posiitions?
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Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles

Hi ppm9,


There are many web services, for example

createStaffingProfileHeader: to create SP

addPositionLines: to add position to SP

Complete descritions with example usages please find at enclosed pdf.


There is no command for creating SP, only change status of SP


Not: please inform us if it work for you



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Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles

Thanks Celil!


This is of great help.


Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles



I found out that we cannot generate the actuals. there is no method to create or update actuals. Do you know how can we do that.




Thanks a lot.

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Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles

Hi PPM9, 


How is it going? 

I also developed it using webservices for 7.5 and than use in 9.1 with small changes.

But  not long time ago we became to get error.  Project is created and in the first step it must create staffing profile, failed with following error, and cannot forward workflow manually, also cannot create staffing profile manually for some time.

I also have open HP Case. In this forum I found some topics with same error.

Does anybody have information about this error? Is it bug or what we have to control?

We never get same error on Test enviroment which is copy of PROD.  


One or more references in this Request is being updated by another DB session.


PPM Web Service.
Contact PPM Center support with the detailed information if the problem persists. (KNTA-11186)
Details: org.hibernate.StaleStateException: Batch update returned unexpected row count from update; actual row count: 1; expected: 3
for SQL: update itg_trustee set version=?, is_enabled_flag=?, created_by=?,
creation_date=?, last_updated_by=?, last_update_date=?, trustee_type_code=? where trustee_id=? and version=?

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Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles

Hi All,


I am having a similar requirement. We want to create blank staffing profiles when a work request (Treated as a proposal) reaches a certain step. We just want to create a SP header and access control list.


So we want to write a web service and then invoke it from a certain step in the workflow. Is it possible?


Secondly, it is for the first time we are developing a web service. I tried to go through the web service for staffing profile guide, but could not under

Kiran Parab
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Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles



you can call the web services in a workflow step - basically you will create a java program which you will call from a command step.


Regarding creation of web services programs: the webservices toolkit provides tons of examples, I would suggest that you start from the examples.




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Re: Automate creation of Staffing profiles

Hi all


My solved problem with database session during creation of sp, it was about jsp errors, database problems but affected many things in ppm. 

So we have request which in certain step call web service to create staffing profile and assign resource (soft booked).


Kiran, as Alex said there is good example in ppm webservice toolkit just to create SP header and assign managers to it (full java code:, you just have to make few changes on it and than make bat file or make class call it from command in workflow. 


best regards, 



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event