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Auto Scheduling option on v7.1

Ryan Grobler
Regular Collector

Auto Scheduling option on v7.1

Hi All

My PM's are having issues with the scheduling of task, esp as they need to schedule a whole work plan when they add a new task, which means it pushed tasks not solidly linked around, so they have to plan to a really fine level of detail in the future.

Is there any way to have an automatic schedule option available?
Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: Auto Scheduling option on v7.1

Hi Ryan,

If you have tasks that you want to keep scheduled to certain dates without having dependencies on other tasks, you can set date constraints on them such as "Must Start On". This ensures that they don't get pushed out when you use the Schedule Project button to move the other tasks that are linked.

Am I understanding your question correctly?
Ryan Grobler
Regular Collector

Re: Auto Scheduling option on v7.1

Hi Eric

I know its possible to add the constraints - just not a quick way to do it (Well according to my PM's). The reason being that they have really high level plans for certain stages in the future so need to create all the contraints - which will need to move as the project progresses - if they want to add a few new task.

They basically want to replicate the 'live' scheduling of MSP - I don't think there is this functionality and they just need to add constraints intelligently, but thought it was worth asking.
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