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Audit Trail for Staffing Profiles

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Audit Trail for Staffing Profiles



last time a project manager contacted me that 200 PDs was deleted in the staffing profile, which is connected to his project. I thought the link above "AUDIT TRAIL" can show me who deleted the 200 PDs.


The AUDIT TRAIL has shown us only the status changes of the positions, but it doesn't show me who added / changed / deleted the positions.


The 200 PDs were requested from one resource pool, and after outsourcing the 5 guys the resource pool manager deleted the requested days from his pool and unfortunately he didn't write a notice. The project manager had a screenshot of the staffing profile, so we could find out who has done it, after calling the resource pool manager.


Is there a possibility to activate such a "report"? I think this is a very important topic.


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Re: Audit Trail for Staffing Profiles

Hi Ramazan1,


This sounds like a valid enhancement to the application. Please open a new support ticket describing the problem experienced, together with a business justification in order to have HP Support seeking approval for a new ER.


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Re: Audit Trail for Staffing Profiles


Hi Ramazan,


This is a lame product limitation….


Currently, only the status change of the Staffing Profile can be audited.


The Staffing profile audit trail is only recording changes when resources are requested (Send Resource Requests).

When a position is added to an existing staffing profile, that change is not added to the audit trail. Similarly, when positions are imported - a resulting notation isn't added to the audit trail. If you change the name, description, etc., of a staffing profile - that change isn't noted on the audit trail, either.


There is an existing product enhancement targeted for next PPM version


QCCR1L25928 Staffing Profile Audit Trail not capturing all changes

The objective of this enhancement is having: adding of positions, deletion of positions as well as changes to the allocations audited


There is no workaround available


You could create a custom audit trigger for the staffing profile related tables to track who is updating this.



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Re: Audit Trail for Staffing Profiles


As a workaround you can create a trigger and save the data in a Custom Audit table.

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