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Attachments Become Unreachable After Upgrade from v9.13 to v9.31

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Attachments Become Unreachable After Upgrade from v9.13 to v9.31



We upgrade an instance from v9.13 to v9.31, which uses PPM Center File System as a DMS Solution.

After the successful upgrade steps, v9.13 -> v9.20 -> 9.22 -> 9.30 -> 9.31, the existing attachments become unavailable.


When we try to Open an existing attachement, it generates the PPM Error;


"Could not upload file. Either the filename entered was not found or the file type is not supported by the web server. (KNTA-10452)"


When we try to Save an existing attachment, it generates the Windows Error;


"Unable to download Document from ppmtst. Unable to open this Internet Site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later."


Moreover there is no problem when we try to add or open a new attachement after upgrade.


Is there anyone who can advice me about the issue?


Thank you,



Re: Attachments Become Unreachable After Upgrade from v9.13 to v9.31


Have you checked to see where the current DMS Parameters are pointing?


ie /<PPM_HOME>/attachments


During our testing I know that we were unable to reach the attachments because I did not feel the need to migrate all of the attachments from PROD to Test but our attachments resided in an NSF share so after making sure that the parameter

com.kintana.core.server.ATTACHMENT_DIRNAME=/<PPM_HOME>/attachments points to our attachment location we were able to add attachments.


In order to make it work, in the admin console check the DMS Parameters and make sure it points to your attachment location that is configured on the server.conf


Let me know if this helps.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event