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Assign new workflow to existing Project

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Assign new workflow to existing Project


I need to change the workflow of a existing Project.

I am able to do this by making editable "Workflow" field, select the new workflow and save from project details page.

This will take the project to first active step of a new workflow selected.

But i have 1000s of project and i need to update new workflow for all them.

Do we have any OOTB option or OOTB oralce package that i can use.

I see some pakcages starts with KWFL_**** but not sure which one to use and how many and in which sequence i need to call them.

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Re: Assign new workflow to existing Project


You can automate this manual operation, with Firefox plugin : "iMacros".

 Quick and dirty, but it will do the job !

You can record a try, then edit macro's source code.

After that, you can use Excel to generate the source code for all the requests (or projects).

Prefer manual /or supported operations rather than manipulate PPM database.


Alternative : you can probably use PPM Webservices to change the workflow.

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