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Assets & lifecycle management

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Assets & lifecycle management

Is anyone here using the full lifecycle management with PPM Assets? It seems like you can only log time directly against the asset request type, and we're trying to figure out how to log time against individual breakfix & enhancement requests (that are related to an Asset) and have that time & expense roll up into the asset's financial summary. Can anyone share how they are doing demand & portfolio management?

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Re: Assets & lifecycle management

Hi Eric,


I had a look-around on your request and found one instance in which a customer requested to log an enhancement request to be able to add a workplan to Assets in order to track time and cost against changes and maintence on the asset.


RnD response at the time was that

Asset in PPM means a project is already completed and became a somewhat fixed value to the company. If an asset need on-going maintenance, you need to create a new project to keep track of it. An asset should not be a on-going project.”


Just for your information, the enhancement request was logged at the time with the following ID and direct link to it:


As an additional piece of information – it might work for you to keep track of work done against the asset, you might want to consider you enabling the work item field group in the request header type and track time against the PFM - Asset that you create; you can allow all users to add time against it or set a security group specifically to each request. I’m not sure how this would enable to you to track costs against the asset however.  For information on this you’d need to check Time Management User Guide.


I’m not sure if Professional Services offer some functionality customization as you request it – you might want to contact them.


Good luck. I hope this helped a bit.

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