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Asking Confirmation from the user!!

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Asking Confirmation from the user!!



I have 2 queries

1. I would like to ask confirmation from the user whenever he creates a request using a particular request type.

For example: when a user creates a request & clicks on 'Submit' i want to display a pop-up message "Are you sure you want to Submit this demand(Yes/No)?". and depending on the selection it should proceed.


2. And if a user click on the available action, i would like to display just a confirmation message with 'OK' button.


Is these possible?


The PPM Version we are using is 9.14.0006





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Re: Asking Confirmation from the user!!

Simply create 2 UI message rules before Transition.


For 1st one create it on status dependency for status un-Submitted or New

and for 2nd one create the status dependency for Status of your need.


for more details of UI rule, check the Help link in workbench when you create the Rule (UI)


The above approach was out of the box way.


HP also provide an option to create you own jascript based UI rule. You can use them as well and just put the depency condtion based on you request status. You can refere demand management configuration guide for more details.


Utkarsh Mishra

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