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Are you a PPM Insider yet?

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Are you a PPM Insider yet?

If you are customer or partner of HP's Project and Portfolio Management solutions, you may be interested in joining the PPM Insiders program. PPM Insiders is a free program delivered by HP Software's Customer Success team which offers a fun and engaging way of getting the latest information on HP PPM. Through the program, you complete various activities which give you points. Those points can then be redeemed for cool prizes like gift cards and merchandise.


There are other great reasons why you should join PPM Insiders, including:


  1. Get immediate access to news and information on HP Software products and features
  2. Learn about and participate in our beta and early access programs for products
  3. Have a more direct connection to the HP Products organization to provide feedback
  4. Build your network with colleagues and peers who are using HP's PPM products
  5. Unplug from your daily job through fun and challenging activities


If you are interested in becoming a PPM Insider, please take a minute and join today -


For Customers:

For Partners: