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Archiver for PPM 6.0 Needed

Cherie Machler
New Member.

Archiver for PPM 6.0 Needed

We are using ITG (PPM) 6.0. Our tables have continued to grow and we would like to buy/implement an archiving solution. We would like to periodically copy over old data from some of our largest table to history tables that would still be accessible.

Anyone aware of or using an archiving solution for ITG?


Cherie Machler
Sanjay Valiyave
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Re: Archiver for PPM 6.0 Needed

Hi Cherie,

We have a solution that archives Requests from the DB to disk and at the same time, you can view the request history through the HP PPM portal. Typically, request data is a very large component of the historic data that needs to be archived.

I'd happy to show you how it works.

Sanjay V.
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