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Agile in HP PPM 9.10

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Agile in HP PPM 9.10

We recently started using HP PPM 9.13 version. We are using HP PPM for the first time and not sure about the capabilities of this software. Currently we are using for Project and Demand Management. Based on demos so far we are really impressed about the Approval tracking process. What we really want is to analyze HP PPM to implement Agile methodologies. Lot of our Projects are based on Agile and we want to leverage PPM for these Projects.


1) Does PPM have the capabilities to  support Agile methodolgy?

2) If so, has anyone implemented it and how?

3) What can be the possible constraints to implement if?





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Re: Agile in HP PPM 9.10



I have a client that I implemented Project Management in PPM for last year and they have since adapted it to run Agile Projects.  Their workflow is pretty much just Open, Execute, Close and they do use Work Plans in PPM so they can capture KPI metrics.  I'm not an expert in Agile methodology, so I won't pretend to know what the Agile terminology means, but I do know that they create a project in PPM for each Sprint.

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Re: Agile in HP PPM 9.10

Hi Daniel-


Our company has developed a new accelerator for managing Agile Development Projects in HP PPM Center, without integrating PPM with any other product. Requested by our clients this accelerator enables organizations to combine PPM and Agile scrum framework. The reporting mainly consists of Consolidated view of Release, Sprint & Backlog, Sprint Velocity, Sprint Burn Down and Planned & Actual information. We can have a brief call to discuss or live demo with our team.



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Re: Agile in HP PPM 9.10

Hi Daniel,

Here is the brochure from HP about agile approches with PPM:



Hi Raka,

Can you publish your company web site or brochure about your connector. Thanx




PS: Please keep alive our forum via KUDOS the professionals.



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