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Adding Tasks to Time Sheets - PPM 8.0

Jamie Pick
Super Contributor.

Adding Tasks to Time Sheets - PPM 8.0

We're in the midst of user acceptance testing our PPM 8.0 upgrade, and the of the things that keeps coming up is the slow performance of adding a task to a time sheet. When the JVMs are first brought up, it performs 'normal'. However, as time passes (the longer the JVMs are up), tasks can take as long as 5 minutes to search for and add to a time sheet.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior in 8.0?


Johannes Y
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Re: Adding Tasks to Time Sheets - PPM 8.0

Hi Jamie,

We experienced similar problem and had one of our DBA staff members to look at it. He did something (i think with indexing) and the search time went from minutes to about a second.

Unfortunately he have now left, so I do not really know the exact actions he took. Do a trace to filter out the query in your dev environment and give it to your dbas, maybe they will find the same thing our DBA did.

Good luck,