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Actual Effort From mpp

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Actual Effort From mpp


We have projects in mpp, where users were mapping Actual Effort to tasks, now when these projects are created in PPM( which has Actual Time linked To Time Mgmt), how would the total actual effort be calculated for such tasks.If we look at the Costing View in WBS, these the Total Effort does not include Actual Effort for these tasks.

Please suggest.

Sascha Mohr
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Re: Actual Effort From mpp

I don't think that a mixed mode for actuals, like you described, will work. There three types of integration modes possible for a project and all of them expect one tool to be in the lead for actuals.
There has been a very good HP white paper on the integration betwen PPM and MSP, I'll attach it, but is meant for PPM 7.x, so some deatils may have changed since then.