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Action Button - Which one is selected

Nagy Istvan
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Action Button - Which one is selected



Is there any idea how I can check in a rule, which action button was selected in a step. If the worflow goes to the next spte it is fine...But the transition is not happened, because I block it with a showmessage UI rule , so we stayed in the same step (so it is not yet in the kwfl_step_transitions).


I would like to know just the click, which button was selected...


Thanks a lot

    Istvan Nagy

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Re: Action Button - Which one is selected

Same problem I faced.... I want to show message only when user select PROCEED and not when select RETURN...



The workaround for this is to create addtional descion step with another staus and create the exectuion step to direct the flow based on your condtions.

If condtion is TRUE then go to new descion step and show the UI message. Else follow the normal path.



Utkarsh Mishra

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