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AOL promotions failing

Laura Walker

AOL promotions failing

They fail with the following error:

ERROR: Unable to execute: ksc_om_migrate "CLMRMGM1" "31026" "31106" "N" "CLM"
ORACLE error 1 in SUBMIT: others

Cause: SUBMIT: others failed due to User-Defined Exception.

The SQL statement being executed at the time of the error was: &SQLSTMT and was executed from the file &ERRFILE.

We are on PPM 7.5 SP6.

We already verified the ORACLE_APPS_VERSION is set to R11 and verified that there is plenty of table space. We have restarted the concurrent manager, re-installed the Oracle extensions and verified data can be inserted into the KDLV_OM_DYNAMIC_SQL table.
Surendra Poosar
Honored Contributor.

Re: AOL promotions failing


is this an issue with all the type of objects or just one object?

Dis you define the Database Links in the Oracle Apps instance?