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ALERT: SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) v3.1 End of Support – Dec 31st, 2015

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ALERT: SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) v3.1 End of Support – Dec 31st, 2015

ALERT: SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) v3.1 end of support (EoS) notice– December 31st, 2015


SAP has informed HP of the end of support for BOE v3.1 on December 31st, 2015; HP is aligned to this end of support date as well.


The BOE license bundled with PPM 9.1x and 9.2x is perpetual and you can use the software past December 2015.


Post EoS date, HP will provide self-help, knowledge base or previously existing patches only.


If you wish to continue to using Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) with full vendor support as the reporting tool for HP PPM, you will need to purchase licenses directly from SAP. Extending support with the OEM licenses provided by HP PPM is not an offering from SAP


The table below lists the various reporting options for HP PPM today. If you decide to purchase BOE licenses directly from SAP, you may use them with the Oracle-based facts & dimensions tables (CP2.0).




PPM Reporting SolutionDescription9.

Oracle-based facts & dimensions tables

(delivered as Content Pack v2.0 on HPLN)
Replaces existing BO Operational reporting database with new ETL, expanded (complete) PPM schema support allowing customers to choose end-user reporting tools.  XXXXXXXX
Vertica for PPM Content Pack 1.0 Data Warehouse solution for advanced analytics     XXXXX
Excel Reports

– Leverages existing PPM menus/pages by adding new choice to existing JSP reporting

– Choose datasource: PPM production database, or new Oracle-based facts & dimensions tables

– New home for PPM OOTB reports



Here are some reference documents that would provide more information on operational reporting solution

Operational Reporting Content Pack 2.0 Release Notes

Excel Reports Cookbook

Vertica for PPM Content Pack 1.0 Release Notes

Reports Guide and Reference

Data Model Guide