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A Security & Audit Question

Dominic Almeida
Respected Contributor.

A Security & Audit Question


One of the department @ our Company wants
NO ONE even ADMIN to see their projects.

I told them that it is not possible for ADMIN because it is the super user.

But what we can do is to enable LOGGING on who has accessed their Project Data or Schedule

So my question is

Is it possible to enable such kind of Logging that a user checks on, who viewed or accessed your Project Data?

Regards – Dom
Daniel Galvez
Super Contributor.

Re: A Security & Audit Question

Hi Dominic,

I believe that you have to configure a project type for that "department", in the project type you can specify who can access and see information for those projects also you can activate some audits options in that project type.

I hope it helps you.