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9.4 supply and demand in Gantt view

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9.4 supply and demand in Gantt view

We are just looking at 9.4 and trying to use the Gantt chart view.  It seems very clunky to request demand in hours in a month-by-month basis; it was much easier in 9.2.  Similarly, when assigning resources to demand, if I want to supply that demand UNevenly to multiple resources, HP's suggestion is to select the names I want to assign to (which then supplies all demand to a single person) and then edit the assignment to the other resources by clicking on each individual skinny blue line. 

Is there a better way to create demand and assign resources to that demand in the Gantt view?  I would direct my team to use the Legacy UI, but I was also told that HP is moving away from that direction, so we may as well get used to using the Gantt view.  Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


Re: 9.4 supply and demand in Gantt view

Agree to the fact that the 'Gantt View' can get slightly clunky; esp. if you are used to using old UI of staffing profile (Legacy UI).

Have you tried editing staffing profile positions in 'Table View' instead of Gantt View? The new staffing profile provides you option to either edit in Table View or Gantt View. 

You can set DEFAULT_STAFFING_EFFORT_EDIT_MODE to TABLE from GANTT. Further if you want to use the old UI, then turn ENABLE_STAFFING_PROFILE_LEGACY_VIEW to TRUE.

Having said that, we here, encourage user from not using the Legacy UI, but there isnt anyone stopping them. It is their personal choices.. The feedback that I got from new project and resource pool managers have been great for new Staffing Profile, but for old project and resource pool managers they didn't like it really.




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Re: 9.4 supply and demand in Gantt view

Thank you AJay.  Yes, I think we will direct users to use the table view, and show them that the Gantt view is there if they'd like to use that.  I was hoping others would answer to show me that I am thinking wrong or doing something wrong, but because we look at each demand in monthly segments, to create demand for a few months is harder now in the Gantt view.

Anyone else see this phenomenon?

thank you

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